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Unabomber Negative (Submerge Recordings 2001)

   Time to meet the baddest group of sonic electronic warriors in the world with the combinations of their Hi-Tech alliance, Soul and Cosmic Jazz Funk, Disco-riot as well as timeless Electro beats which being originally founded by Mike Banks and Jeff Mills in Detroit, Michigan with the deeper interest over the likes for Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Star Trek (/) to George Clinton and Kraftwerk supremacy as the blast of Techno-Electro maintaining the legacy over this debut recording provider musical on Interstellar Fugitive. From Suburban Knight a.k.a James Pennington via Maroon, Gerald Mitchell a.k.a The Deacon on Soulsaver, Th Aztec Mystic a/k/a DJ Rolando given the world – Mi Raza as practically, possibilities shown through Chaos A.K.A Marc Floyd over Afrogermanic or Drexciya within Aquatacizem and Mad Mike given the presents towards Moor Horseman on Bolarus 5 may infringed the serious collaborations in black or white power gliding and prohibited towering beats reign equally balance after the regeneration gaining service had been legally, adding to the cultural club of both emancipated over races and mixture on interracial dance-party for the non-prejudice awaken. 

Interstellar Fugitives: