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Ulythium Aspirin (Dischord Records 1991)

   Calling their own political views of radical party as a rock band as The Nation of Ulysses (N.O.U) as the hometown regency renamed to The Embassy and their zine’s called Ulysses’ Speaks; rather than boring or interesting you not – these crew members of non-altered people like Ian Svenonius (vocals, trumpet), guitarist Stever Kroner, Steve Gamboa (bass guitar), and drummer James Canty with second guitarist Tim Green completed the band back in the nineties era.
   Featuring Punkish/Hardcore obliterating noise bash and political views lyrics and themes as well – came the releasing for the band’s debut album of all time before others show-up later, this is the mighty 13-Point Program to Destroy America in a basic Alternative Punk and Ska-tinged metallic or just raw Punks eating the maggots society as the tracks may be chosen well by the listeners scattering there on the record like those sarcastic point of ideas and visions on through Cool Senior High School (Fight Song), Spectra Sonic Sound, You’re My Miss Washington D.C, A Kid who tells on another Kid is a Dead Kid, P.Power to Hot Chocolate City or Today I Met The Girl I’m Going to Marry. 
   Targeting the youth and the old weaken; The Nation of Ulysses may be banned for what they’re up to and the plans of re-constructing the great nation on earth into a pile of history rubbish before re-build the new perspective and equal ones on the ashes. 

The governments really putting this one on the watch with many more names on the lists for betraying the constitutions and the big dreams of US people that weekend. 

13-Point Program to Destroy America: