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Tunga Moln Elder (Magnetic Eye Records 2015)

   The finest newer tribute to the hailing guitar master James Marshall Hendrix of the psychedelic past of Rock N’ Roll spirits live on in your veins as it is in our hearts; within the presentations by many artists and rock musicians of the Stoner/Desert/Space Rock community onto the roots blending for either Bluesy Rock, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Pop to Stoner Metal and Alternative Rock vintage and massive towards this release of V.A Electric Ladyland [Redux] remains the lining-up bands from Wo Fat to King Buffalo, Earthless to All Them Witches to some more attractions for those whom liking the crazy riff-age, tuning distorted and Blues Rock gifts onto the leading solos and groovy power electrifying tension taken for granted as you all might be pleased listening to the repertoire there.
Mos Generator coming up with Burning The Midnight Lamp, The Heavy Eyes trusting to have Long Hot Summer Night, Superchief wore their delighted version over Crosstown Traffic onto Rainy Day by Gozu or Summoner in 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) as well as Voodo Child, All Along The Watchtower or Gypsy Eyes and House Burning Down. 

Feel the slight atmospheric effects of psych-magic stillness of the past compels your modern day plainly times and blossoming thus new spiritual thoughts via this brilliant works. 

V.A Electric Ladyland [Redux]: