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Tuna Hell (Sweatbox 1986)

Before there’s Meat Beat Manifesto program; there’s Perennial Divide – a British division of New Wave Industrial messengers led by the short-lived trio heads of Jack Danger, Paul Freeguard and Jonny Stephens with their above mediocre intense soundings privilege the essential form for the next Post-Underground Dance floor collaborated for non-existing Pop and boom-beats to grow side by side again towards these final and only one recording release from them three. The reel of real Machine Music slams reality might capturing your attentions as they’re seemed to sounding rather monotonous and scary for building the atmosphere surrounds by using horror-tension through heavy beats and too much infecting synthesizers order. Highly, not recommended for those whom seeking on melodies or happiness; this marked up tracks from the album Purge like Captain Swing, Parricide, Blow, Rescue, The Fall or Burning Dogs will never satisfied you.

The Goth-clubbers will easily loving these awesomeness !