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Tribhuvan International (Kidderminster 2016)

Binged and cryptic but the Electronic results of their experiments on Psychedelic epiphany took the colder lower flowing tunes closer to epic incantations of the morning son or heavenly queen or evil doers master intact as the night vision had turn on to be used somewhere as Ben Lupus and Alexander Van Pelt did their music like somekind of Dounier Rousseau paintings of the most gothic-version with wizardy synth and pioneers of Post-Rock.

This self-titled recording for Mont Analogue’s crystal models of the descriptions by science and myths on highest mountains named Mont Analogue like they did on baptizing themselves and the rest of the show-tracks: Rampo-Nii (03:11), Nepemako (04:56), Bon Dance (04:44) onto Peradams II (02:16) would sounding strange to average ears and not that complicated but keeping the secret wisely for those Electro-experiments lover-listening interests as well.

Mont Analogue: