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Torch Savage (Roadrunner Records 1984)

Fighting the giant bat-creature and saving the women from its powerful lusty force conquering the female human beings for rituals, feast and breeding vessels; Witch Cross must be your favorite bands around that defines Heavy Metal as classic tough as you wanted them to be without being too freaking extreme but bashing still to head-bang and slam-dancing on following the core music of these Copenhagen crew.
Whether through six strings shredder Paul Martin or Jesper Haugaard the drummer and of course, the lead singer Kevin Moore releasing their debut recording with Nightfight to Tokyo, Face of a Clown to Killer Dogs or Axe Dance full-length completely not a double-crossing but fair solos and high-toned melodies among the rhythmic bursts from a warrior or savior on this Fit For Fight. 

As these Denmark(en) metal-heads roaming hard – the worth favors for saving girls and releasing the world from evil shall be a hope for fighters everywhere.

Fit For Fight: