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Titan Fighter Thief (Comatose Music 2016)

The brutalizing abuser music burst out from your stereo and you just realize that the dangerous evil force blasting from the Extreme Metal performance made by the quartet of Stelios (bass), Dennis (guitars), George Triantafillou (growling vocals) and Tolis B (drums) from this Thessaloniki – Central Macedonian’s Technical Death Metal band Murder Made God is disturbing and irresistible not to make you want to destroying everything while head-banging. As the themes of gore, mutilation, corpses or death itself become the main subjects for their lyrics written and music de-composing for their second full album – Enslaved; one shall remains abusive in absurdity as the total grinding sounds explode while trying this record on.

Nothing seems to feel important anymore once you blasting those tracks of real crushing metallic extreme which non-contrary tells you about Depression, Assassines!, The Irony of Faith as well as Subject 666 that releasing through such of higher level of deranged hatred or pain as the gasoline – ready to burning the small world around you like a thousand years hunger of a wildfire.