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Thunder Tropic (Walkman s.r.l/Yorpikus 2016)

European Techno-Pop or House-Synth with more modern aspects available within their music blends for the likes on Woodkid, Nine Inch Nails, Beach House to MGMT and EDM-magnetism; these trio of Dance-heads Elisa Pucci (vocals, guitars, beauty and charms), Davide Malvi (drums, sequencer) plus Fabio (bass, synth) are your plural mixed music-makers as Italiana’s universally unit products that keeping the mainstream music realm turning within their good releasing here for the forth times already; Moseek giving us theirs entitled Gold People.

Kinds of the best picking album to accompanied your new year’s count-down or just a romantic quiet kissing hours near the sea-side on a dark night. Starless or fully bright, doesn’t matter when and while Moseek trio pumping your room of hearings with their favorable soft beats and arousing ones via Starship Trooper, Tina, Venice and Paris, So Sad, Beth My Beth and Tiger Tiger. 

You can make a promise that cannot actually be kept but these tracks really really comes without clothes to cover for being entertaining and innocence.