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Thread Of Life (Sorry State 2013)

   It’s just arrived as fast as a jet of your nightmare-based modern version of Johnny Rotten fronting The Test Tube Babies where their diapers are Hardcore-Punk and the baby food would be Indie Punk Rock and Boston, Massachusetts is their hometown; here are Libyans – your non limitless bashing monikers on bringing their rebel attitudes like writing those lyrics and dedicated to every single deserter and refugees from the third nations pushing up to Europe as Expired Language means the ticking tolls of sign of times – a warning bells for the white people that their slaves are coming banging to the front door, this time kicking and using fires to burning it down as they’re enter. Within the jellyfish cover must be a good environmental example to protesting against how mankind already polluting our oceans with garbage, pollutants and chemical wastes as highly, sharp and smart by the moves as you might listening for In The Name of Order, Wrong Profession/Same Results, Desperate Plea, Mania and Nervous Habits or False Starts exploding while the background vocals shouting and the female lead singer screaming, harassing, cursing and spitting the ugly world of greed !

Expired Language: