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Thorazine Hex (Self-Released 2013)

   When there’s a time for chivalry and kings to rising their throne back to the civilizations via Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Classic – that would be a thoughtful thanking to the quartet of Fin Finlay (vocals/guitars), John Allen (guitar), Stephen Fleming (bass guitar) and Mark Stewart (drums/vocals) as being the unit calling themselves as Baleful Creed straight from Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) with their solid rocking classical and power driven riffs to the measurements of more melodies and six-strings solo lightning within the performance of their good deeds and heroic characters as portraying in front cover of this self-titled album.
Harmonic vocals reminding us about Stone Temple Pilots project or another grungy haired metal sounds out of LA area and beyond but with more serious not joking lyrics and themes as written carefully but never quitting to rocks your socks off ! 

As the king union within his majestic war commander, the royal magician and even the trusted Viking on his side blasting the essential music via Crazy Man, Her Promise, Illuminati, Autumn Leaves and Suffer In Silence; embarks the hasting risen tremendous metal rocking energy from the northern parts of British isle again.

Baleful Creed: