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The Throat In (Peaceville 1996)

   Uber-heavier championing as one of the most sinister-tinged Doomy Metal symphonic of British isle or just – Bradford/Halifax (England) ; these slower reckoning masters legend of the newer force of modern day doomed metallic band consisting of Calvin Robertshaw (guitars), Aaron Stainthorpe (vocals), Andrew Craighan (guitars), Rick Miah (drums) self-written the infamous themes lyrics of theirs compels through deadly romance, despair pains and faith loss as the mixture of Doom/Death Metal onto Gothic symphonies metallic kept their fan-base and the real heavy-metal heads liking slower death music continued to worshiping them.
   Along with Martin Powell on keyboards/violin performance dominates the almost entire tremendous darken and pessimistic Goth-influenced culture and slicing solos; their fourth and the most powerful recording of all time – Like Gods of The Sun truly, turns back the essential elements of blood-shed ghastly to black magic gone falsely add something hideous towards the nine themed tracks there like A Kiss To Remember, All Swept Away, Grace Unhearing or The Dark Caress – closely, an effective British answers to those Americans Gothic Metal troubadours like Type O Negative or Life of Agony or A Pale Horse Named Death.

Taste thus bass rhythmic, the deader double pedals drumming or the riff-age of sinful as the toned lower vocals fronting the Classic Gothic Metal and the purple-ish blue affections in form of a butterfly.

Like Gods Of The Sun: