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The Spiral Dance (Mirror Dirty Mirror 2015)

Let’s just describing and say that for having guts of darkness one female should really standing taller like purity Eve wearing leopard skin cloth while having intimate frenchy-kiss with the snake and let the re-incarnated Lilith worn pink as the joker bat vice in re-evoked over fresh martini on the rocks and the New Wave music sounds we can calling it Venin Carmin, of course. Bass guitar player and singer sensual girl led her own back-up band finding the Electronic meets Post-Punk, Synth-Pop, Pop-Rock and New Wave beats completely for the millennium nuevo by simplicity and lesser over-tuned music taste sang in performance in rocking spirits of rocka rolla onto the releasing Glam is Gone as thoughts reveals free according to Fade & Forget, Suckers (Are You), Pure & Alive, Drawing Down The Moon way down through July Ain’t Summer or All You Got is The Sun – felt quite as easily as smoking sexy on a restricted place not peace but hedonist values compels within Pop-rocking and a little bit of sexual magic of a woman virtue.

Glam is Gone: