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The Loon (Soliti 2013)

   Even breast cancer cannot stopping the creativities of a woman in her life even on the darkest side tunnel that she must travels or joint but as well as the magical fifth recording of the full length album here for Astrid Swan of Helsinki, Finland’s singer and music composer on Astrid4 truly, could be the next months later of herself to struggling more and stronger after the full-time circling like being born grown-up, giving birth, becoming a mother to a patient but the solid physical body stays not been defined by medicine or simultaneously, depends on the real world but the eager to survive and continue her musical Pop recording as the song-writer as well as the themes sporadically, tells us about loss, death, grief or hope.
Too much magic extracted there inside the record and for any girls or women out there; the harmony from the piano play, brass sections to good old Indie-Pop tension tempos in medium parts and encouragements comes within Four Months to Kill, Yearning to Hold Still, Black Bear & A Hoofer or A.R.I.Z.O.N.A releasing its dogmatic period of solitude within hope floats arrived in the middle of the wildlife via fully drums, horns and piano covering the gaps.