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The Lexaloffle (Monkey Records 2016)

   New Zealander vocalist of his own acoustic Indie-Rock and Pop sensibility not flowing out like a try-out being a copy for Dylan or Gabriel but his own visions and talented music making , song writings and lyrics composer and brought the audio-culture of tuning up songs in desperate needs to share the ideas of natural cries and whipping trees and all the beauty being destroyed by greed around us – led a prayer in harmony tunes to encouraging and make us understand; don’t turn your head the other direction and forgetting this – he sang for Henry Green and Island of Tuliarts.
Keeping the Folk, World and Country Rock his own weapon to defending the rights of the preservations of the planet and restoring human minds to keep their home place a inhabitable one to live on for more generations. Neat colorful descriptions over the never land-like background artworks and plenty tracks to giving you a wisdom messages to understand and believe and care about the issues; either globally or locals. Sally, Bartholemule Brixton, Far Away, Captain Sebodka, Farewell Song to Noneoir; aren’t a symbolic lovely songs that just come up and then, gone floats … 

The conscious dreamer writing these to letting you join the concern topics and still enjoying good soft music as well through John White’s works.

Henry Green and The Island of Tuliarts: