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The Last Infected (Bandcamp 2017)

   The brutal of Technical Death Metal in terrorizing musica given a Staten Island crew named Torturous Inception to be your painful bondage that attaching your body and squeezing it tight until you cannot breathing normally, releasing their E.P recording here with the formation of Tyler Lauer (vocals), double guitar-blisters Devon De Carlo and Dustin Primeau onto Tom Maloney (bass) and Zach Lieggi (drums) given you Headfirst Into The Void; the Death Metal parade of six mini added more onto ten tracks for this re-releasing with big fucking dealing with energy of hatred and negativity for making you stayed suffer following the non-listenable tracks like Ascending Convergence to Gored By Horns of Judgment or Transmigration within The Foul as to Imminent Obliteration and Between Two Worlds – marking the completed extended play turning to full length album reserving the existence of the underground extreme metallic community demands to have more destructive stuff for their sickening ears and thoughts.

Headfirst Into The Void: