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The Key (Bandcamp 2016)

   If one liking to have a greater collection based for the names like many legends of Heavy Metal and Modern Metal musicians such as Iron Maidens, Summoning, Explosion in The Sky to Baroness; maybe this Progressive instrumental in Post-Metal of this Rock-Post crew consisting for Grigoriy Kolokutin (guitars, percussion, keyboards) and Evgeniy Popovkin (bass guitar) welcoming you through their gates of sounds and silky roads made possible by City Of The Lost as the band themselves or duo here for multi-instrumentalist recording release: Colors Fade In Me. Four tensions and plenty differential intentions to the blockades and choruses among the riff-age and soloist projectiles being shot and rebounds forwarding the blunders or the surprising tunes and magic touches over the high techniques performance by the duet crew being helped by situations and hoping fate to creating this joint over Children Of War or Shadows Of Watchers. Just like the real loss of ark and artistic engineered in general concept composed and mixing right for not making disaster but fluttering noise and stories for the next genre to listen latter …

Colors Fade In Me: