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The Falling Run Run Run (Bandcamp 2017)

Face Blindness recorded by the band with simple name – Civic actually, is a Boston, Massachusetts group that has been releasing their record within the formation of Eric Bolton (electric guitars), Dana Osterling (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, cello, mellotron), Harrison Seiler (drums, percussion) and Wayne Whittaker (bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitars, piano, rhodes, mellotron, organ, harmonica, drums and background vocals) as well being a producer for themselves (Dana and Wayne) with Stephen Konrads (rhodes, synthesizers) and Jon Would (lap steel guitar, guitar, piano) and being writing their own materials separately, together for Face Blindness. Independent alternative and folkish Pop mixture to the great modern rock in mild gasoline to make your ears straight and loving them whilst the track-listed covers wider themes just like the example on Your Worst Nightmare, My Father’s Cologne, Love Me Then Leave Me Alone, Can’t Have Both and Down and Distant – maybe sounded too seriously romantic ?

Surely, one would liking to hear them doing this !

Face Blindness: