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The Dumbwaiter (Varese Sarabande 2005)

   Box office as considerable pick-up movie of a science fantasy adventure film as the sequel of the great Jumanji story related is Zathura: A Space Adventure starring Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard and Kristen Stewart as begun with two brothers Walter and Danny decided to go to the basement and found an old board game telling them about the goal reached to the final stage of Zathura the space adventure game while Lisa their cute older sister fell asleep on her room.
   Quickly realized something went strangely wrong as the meteor shower appears and their house already floating like on small asteroid rocks of Saturn as the story begins as the continuous playing did shown the brothers scientific and fictional things appears in front of their eyes; frozen cryonic sister Lisa, the attacks of Reptilian race spaceships or the mad giant killer robot before an astronaut appears from nowhere saving them. 
   Working together to finish the game and restoring solution for ending the madness adventure ever for them, fighting Zorgons and destroying the crazy robot while driving their house back to avoid the big gravity of a giant sun-like star as well as found out about the existence of themselves as the relationship between them also restored in a good way; Zathura motion soundtrack composed by John Debney mixing the orchestration with Electronic scoring on putting the most complete scenery and atmosphere attached to the movie with twenty tracks available from the record such as Robot’s Revenge, Zorgon’s Appearance, They’re Not Friendly, Robot Grows/Chase/Standoff, Couch Decoy to Astronaut’s Story and Shooting Star Card or Back Home – complies the ultimate adventuring time your children might really loved to watch and listen. 

A quote about Zathura is A Black Hole that finally, brought the siblings back to reality and meeting their family again in one piece. 

Zathura - A Space Adventure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):