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The Chase Whipcrack (Deathwish 2005)

   As being the formatting group consisted of Nate Newton (vocals, guitar), Chris Johnson (bass guitar), Chris Bevilascqua on drums to Chris Pupecki the guitarist; your Salem – Massachusetts-based of Hardcore/Metal/Doomy Southern – Doomriders will shedding your skins to be tear pieces by pieces apart from your bones as they’re coming to profiled the intensity of hardening sound pounders in music with the debut first recording – Black Thunder. From The Long Walk, Ride or Die, Deathbox, Listen Up!!, Fuck This Shit or Worthless may presumed that this lot really playing rough but kept the classy melodic and tempos conditioning that you don’t have to sounding too damn brutal just because you’re an extreme metallic group and along with Sirens faded the last, the recording shows you about how to credited as a lesser-known band; having an infamous head-strong banging pulse on your original first album for the market supply off the heavy Metal scene and generated occult !

Black Thunder: