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Terminal Siren (earMusic 2015)

   Some might needing to thank Logan Mader (of Machine Head and Soulfly) for the comeback activity on metallic realm music there with the blistering pulse of power-housing grooves and grinding tempos to themes; forming his own group after almost fifteen years kicked-out from the previous legendary band of him now – Once Human must be the ultimate executioner fronted by female lead singer form on Lauren Hart whose sounded similar to Angela Gossow as the rest of the band – Damien Rainaud (bass), Dillon Trollope (drums), Skyler Howren  and Max Karon with Mr. Mader handling their guitar-departments to shreds or slay. Made in Los Angeles for the established on Melodic Death Metal fans with or without arrogance of conquering to destroy the elementary borders in-between your loss of faith and hope to obeying the darkness offerings as such these tracks: Pick Your Poison, Ground Zero, You Cunt, Demoneyes, Time of The Disease and I Am War onto Growing Colder where for every curves of solos there are the edgy stance banging or bashing that shall making the metal-heads getting crazier listening to The Life I Remember and the embarrassing middle-earth creature – getting angry to the surface dwellers destroying the holy mother goddess earth secret areas of the holiest and needs to be fight back before they’re consuming the entire globe !

The Life I Remember: