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Telos Liquid (Temporary Residence Limited 2017)

Experimental Post-Krautrock or Modern Rock cross-over fusion for the greater causes not just a trendy fury ball- bandwagon-esque but an ambitious format appearing from the ashes of Grails or Slint and made onto another solid name on Watter crew; coming out from Louisville, Kentucky and created as a trio of powerful rockers turning mature within the figures off multi-instrumentalist Zak Riles and Tyler Trotter to drummer Britt Walford on these monolithic mood music of Watter confronting the second recording: History Of The Future. 
Drawn over the bronze signature symbolism on the imperial spirits of a Caesar or gods force shown there as the songs finally, can be compared to those excellent soloist and project collisions in and out the alternative shreds over those melodic and harmony power-tools crafted well and displays in stunned talents overdubbed and equals in ten variable tracks like Final Sunrise, Sacrificial Leaf, Death Knock, Shadow Chase, The Cloud Sanctuary and Macho Milano. 

Frontal fully softer-rocks …

History Of The Future: