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Tanto Como Dios (Discos CBS 1990)

   Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is a modern Punk-Ska-Pop group of musical maker from Buenos Aires started to forming themselves since the early eighty-three as uniquely, standardized their sounds not about the popular third wave of Ska-Core like the Americans used to have on the late of the two thousands ear but with the ability and infused of influences wider onto further Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rn’B to Latin, Rumba, Flamenco and Salsa for the independent road-café style mixtures; Fernando Ricciardi (drums), Mario Siperman (spiker, keyboards), Anibal Rigozzi (guitars), Flavio Cianciarulo (bass, vocals), Gabriel Fernandez (vicentico vocals) coming superb like the collision between Grateful Dead meets Santana meets Chico Mendez meets Gypsy King as world musical, Latin-Folk, Pop, Reggae and Rock colliding altogether for Volumen V the amazing such record to have. Listen from the beginning since Los Olvidados, Demasiada Presion, Te Extrano (Miss You) as you recognizing it onto Planeta Cero or La Chica De Los Ojos Café or Caballo De Madera keeps on repeating how to dancing to the party with everyone’s doing the same with no regrets and over this one – you just assuring yourself that you’re having a good time there !

Volumen V: