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Taciturnity (Zoth Ommog 1992)

A glimpse of nude woman spreading her hands to fly perhaps on the front cover and the ecclesial Electro-Techno and New Wave legacy beats taking the audiences to dance a bit crazy as the darker corner of thus nameless bar-club complex won’t be found by anyone who searching it on the map. That’s just how elusive X Marks The Pedwalk duo really means to you even when one knows about the formation being establish by Jorg Bohme and Andre Schmechta but soon Jorg left the band and being replaced then by Thorsten Schmechta while Andre also chasing his credibility as a good father for family and his career which left behind Thorsten or Raive Yark with his recruits members and friends after the releasing of the last formation on X Marks The Pedwalk musical years. 

Human Desolation sounded like it has been created for sound-tracking the moments when women suddenly in minutes moaning hard for having orgasm while doing sex activities or just going solo-act behind the closed door as the beats provided in standard but colder – putting the Electro-Goth essence right where it belongs as poisons seducing passions for The Relapse, Paranoid Illusions, Criminal Disharmony, Experience, The Trap and I See You; piling-up a celibate tension to rebels against the hierarchy of the world standards’ boring living. 

Human Desolation: