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Svengalisghost (Self-Released 2015)

Pierre de Muelenaere and Yannick Franck desirably contacting their world re-connected to another worlds doing the entirely, sexual-tinged of the blending Industrial, Techno, EBM, Downtempo to experimental Electro over this e.p recording which showing you an arousing female body-shape lying nude over the placing somewhere down the river of styx perhaps; as those meaningless signaled soft-vandalism through the License to Desire Remixes brought either Hooker within Helm Remix or Icon Template Remix onto Asmoday – also in two version mixtures from Black Rain to Prostitutes Remix versions. Haunting, scary, dark and believed to be opened the doors of aural physics of something old and ancient out there to getting inside our women’s wombs via musical features concrete base and Orphan Swords really serious on making this sounded fits into our reality of hearing sense …

License To Desire Remixes: