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Supremum Pricipia (Forgotten Path Records 2010)

   Upon their metaphysical fairy-tale inspired and of course, its symphonic roots for Progressive Metal performance; these Inquisitor of Lithuanian band from Vilnius formed and consisting for Vytautas “Lord” on vocals/keyboards, Gytis “Nyku” and Saulis “Skol” guitars, Vladimir “Architect” on bass guitar to Mindaugas “Garloq” the drummer upon the releasing on their debut record and the blending infamous of extreme edgy sounds blending off Black Metal, Avant-Garde and Progressive Metal with the emerging force opener like Infimum with narrative from Matt Jarman and samples by Kiras, Saulius B or the next four tracks after it. The Quantum Theory Of Id must be the excellent non-international sci-fi and folklore combining power-supply in heavy metallic recording from the south east region of the olden Europe heritage and within these; Inquisitor may preserving their steps down to the planet as the musical continues onto path within Die Welt Als Wille Und Vorstellung or Corpus Hermenticum blasting louder which collecting the entire harmonies whether it is came from the six strings, the grinding drum-set or even the mysterious keyboards playing …

The Quantum Theory Of Id: