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Sunday Blues (Bandcamp 2011)

Through the November’s gone to December’s pouring cold breeze and windy awaits to the next winter to arrived; up the tree the mystical music maker in Electronic/Freaky Free-Folk/Post Modern Cabaret to Urban melancholy magic beats of Trip-Hop and experiments of Miss Q leaving you a Barcelona – Spain some "in memoriam" console of a unique making of arrangements via sensual vocals, slower beats of both Goth/Retro/Pop making threesome love there or a lonely magician left her Halloween days as she waiting for a darker skinned male to breeding her and giving the life of an old hag a pleasure more spirits.
Like a ghost from the forest sitting up the bald tree after the Autumn; old messaging lyrics of ancient from Give Me One Minute Little Gift, No She Never Stays, Light Will be Stronger or You’re Gonna Be Fine truly – lend to the air as magical atmosphere spreading within the releasing of Miss Q… Introducing Lovely Miss Q.