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Suil Bhaloir (Diveliz Rex 2009)

   North West Ireland sending the spells of anger and hatred towards the explosive Black Metal mangling themes or Folklore of Celtic culture and war to heroism; the true meaning of Beithioch (or Beitioc) is Animal/Beast which suddenly fits for this project that mixing Extreme Metal Music with Dark Ambient as thus ancient epic poem of Irish language may be heard relentlessly raw as the recording sounded so low in productions as independently – promising one as fanatic fans to thrown the overjoyed life and embracing darkness like this band did on the debut album: Aisling Dhorcha (means A Dark Dream Vision) sending its terror of limited lyrics interpretations via those track-listed disturbing stories of haunting pasts and secret occultism memories to the presence days like now – vowing themselves to never bow down to religious oppression acts anywhere and anyhow as you being mildly struck by An Anaithnid Dorcha (The Dark Unknown), Gior Cianaosta (The Primeval Voice), Dornan Talaimh (A Fistful of Earth) and Arm na Deithe (Weapon of The Gods) in various duration and the mixture of blasphemous, harmony or the in-between balance where magic of the past conquers the future without no one can actually, stopping its movement inside mankind’s hearts. 

Dark Ancient Obsessed ...

Aisling Drocha: