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Suicide Keeper (Bandcamp 2016)

Meeting with Sober Cobra means that you’re needing for non-poisonous battle but arguments through the new habits from the mythical reptile following illuminating programs and avoiding for too much crowded attention towards itself but the distortion as the courage session mixtures of Alternative sounds results for the collision between on theis side Punk and Psychedelic Garage Rock humor versus the other side of Progressive Indie-Pop and Funk tones of the performance from Swank Sinatra group.
Not being too productive almost can tell the media about copycat-ing motions but the infamous lesser known name turning brutal in their Pop-buzzing Garage for ladies and gentlemen to bang themselves in front of the stage witnessing the Atlanta - Georgia's trio of Bob Place, Brandon Pittman and Randy Garcia bashing the brass electric punchy rocking with the hypnotic eyes of a serpent as California is Overrated, Vice Device, Feed The Birds or Antiquities Roadshow really meant that these guys perhaps, can make more conjured money of this awesome shit !

Sober Cobra: