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Stars Beginning (Not On Label 2016)

   Like if there’s something strange with your neighborhood and one finding himself in the middle of fright night meet the music beats twenty-five years after the last party sounds stop; fashionably – thirsty and biting hard not only on your neck but your mom and sisters as well since the blood-sucking killer madly in love with your hot soccer mom, your real dead died from the Potomac river accident and now there’s a new head of the house and he’s not actually human. Vampire Step-Dad did what they’re should didfor Electronic and Synth-wave pleasures in stereo.
Releasing this second album called Sweater Weather filled within a bad stuff and dirty touches made your mom soon to be pregnant with vampire babies and six tracks agile to spreading the news about this hilarious story experimenting the instrumental and solo jams files downloaded from noise-attackers heaven to planet earth as the forgiven pacts already be upon you dear audiences as the story telling tunes like I Want The Stars, Breaking Curfew, Ten and Two for 03:43 outrun Electronic to Synth-Pop and your traffic jam from inside one’s heart on Atlanta, GA feeling quite portable romancing cuddles sensibility while bloody disgusting continuous like a spell from Please Jan Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em which making the atmosphere back to the eighties era people as the boss himself resting but not really resting as cleaning up the chimney, romantic candlelight dinner onto the rolling eyed off the Dad-jokes or throwing as many as garlic bread out on the international agreement within the qualified to admits that vampires are the undead …

Sweater Weather: