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St. Genevieve (Not On Label 2016)

   Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – Cassie Josephine MacDonald might be one of those lesser-known singer/song-writer whom embracing her rootsy Pop meets all of those Folky World Country and Americana flavored musical in the making over the second releasing record with Gabriel Minnikin via Flower Country.
   One shall finding that the soft-slower tunes sounds from her co-operative productions there would gladly, lifting the colder down and out days onto a better tomorrow and morning side again once you have a good chance without an explanation about how and when you, yourself decided to play her on your stereo on the moment of glory within the performances over thus semi-live band acoustic and traditional toned including I Don’t Want to go Anywhere, August Man, Red Dirt Morning to Princess of BelleAire onto Maid of Honor. 

Sparkling glitters and bulb-lights in red and blue made a slow-dancing in front of the sunset worth a try to couples in serious needing for romance and peaceful time.

Flower Country: