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Spider-Spell Two (Bandcamp 2015)

Passionate and Pop-cultured by sessions completely for those whom liking only Alternative Power-Pop much and nothing more or less. These Alternative Rock from V. Novgorod – Russian Federation might be your strange dance but in a good musical way as international state of being seems to be worked out hard and playing harder as well – meet Daria Shakshina, Ivan Kovalev, Vlad Katichev, Igor Semyonov and Elya Sikryabina for their purely electrifying  live shows and The City EP may turning in as your next Paramore’s softening copycat between the righteous one for the future steps and the past energetic venues all in over this mini recording and six tunes out. Like the cuter mystical circus team and the measurements for your own compass for directions; Total Disaster, Baddy, Chance to Dance onto Pillow Fight might be a grand exquisite introductions for you to them !

The City EP: