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Specimens Victim (Pharty Records 2008)

   Get a grip for your opening alleyways of standard faster sound-beats of Hardcore Punk apparent through the credits from the trio rock-heads; Jerry Dirr (drum kit, percussion), Robyn Roth (bass, vocals) and Jeff Albers (guitars, vocals) finest to expressing the embrace between redemption and angst of the youth permanent like how the starting back of Grunge meets Punk meets Heavy Metal used to come out and amazed the nineties generation of Rock music to loving this new kinds of distorted genre sounds overboard by Knife The Symphony.
   Thriving and complemented as if the alliance of righteous rebels uniting to proof that comforts and hard Music still can getting along to complete each other ribcage bones. 
More introspective territory of dreadful themes and daily issues story on Crawler album released by Knife The Symphony may secretly, amazed you too but be careful not to get too damn closed to the millipede having the poisonous bites as centipedes along the tunes of choices and moshing mobs regular anthem riffs via the scrambled Dystonia, Everyone’s Got a Dime to Spare, Solemn Solon and Tired Equation and 8XAA would do a damage mayhem to your ears and walls on the same direct times.