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Solemn Profaned Pain (Hammerheart Records 2017)

   Within their Doomed Death Metal forsaking off sorrow, inner struggles to loss of almost everything kinds of themed; these Vina Del Mar (Chile) band of five-piece metal-heads consisting of Miguel Canessa (drums), Cristian Ibanez (vocals), Matias Aguirre (keyboards), Marcos Contreras (guitars) and Franco Ciaffaroni (bass) given their head-banging sessions of slow-heavier stomps thumping to planet earth tempos for We All Be Given as entitled to their first full length album. The purist of the purest of the chaotic visions over those six tracks available as being written down by the band – Mourners Lament; showing different things from the journey of the grim-reaper and death to the darkness land onto the tower of power that contains of all creatures fears the most-like the modern horror of babel kind. 

Listen the head-bang slower tempo via Omnipresence, Suffocating Hopes or Slumbers and asking yourself that the impurity cannot hold the wheel of fortunes or life because of our strong will ? 

Think again imbeciles, think again …

We All Be Given: