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Soldiers Command (Liquid Disc Records 1996)

   So, the facts that Michael Sweet may not be as sin-free but leaving lots of cleaner lyrics and thoughts written as you think he is superb as jesus as the band of his so-called Christian metal music won’t honestly, playing good calm music but filling in lots of those rocking semi-devilish noise as well but still the right-winged people considering that Stryper still would fits as Salvation Through Redemption, Yeilding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness as King James bible would said – so, this compilation of great album for V.A Sweet Family Music – A Tribute to Stryper happened to be releasing by the co-working from many biggest fans and influenced artists in such a good melodies and musical genre blending of Alternative Rock, Electronic, Industrial, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal to Lo-Fi Punk and Synth-Pop altogether combining their works as praising the band’s great recordings here. Like the loudest introduction from Cell Dweller for The Abyss which arranged and adapts by the performer quite metallic, Morella’s Forest folkish-tinged session for Calling On You or Cricket on Makes Me Wanna Sing as well as Havalina Rail Co. over Always There For You and many more from several lesser-known names like Grammatrain, Combat Chuck, Ghoti Hook and Echoing Green over these eighteen tracks recording in multi-purposes aiming for a better future with new young generation singing the positive affections to make a change on themselves before trying to convert someone else to follow the goodness path along with them.

Sweet Family Music - A Tribute to Stryper: