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Slippery Worms (Exploding In Sound 2017)

   Feel the excitement over the slow-ride driven harmonies composed by the unti of Post-Hardcore and Indie Rock & Roll praising pumpkins shattered dreams or broken-hearted turning to these track-listed of Boston, Mass heartfelt items comes as Pile within the crew members: Rick Maguire (guitar and vocals), Kris Kuss (drums), Matt Connery (bass) and Matt Becker (guitar) with the helping Elisabeth Fuchsia playing violin and viola for them; inside this album release of A Hairshirt of Purpose bringing the extracting distortions for making the stereo smoking as well as thus grungy-vibes fans feeling the tense of motions via Hissing For Peace, Rope’s Length, No Bone, Leaning on a Wheel, Texas to I Don’t Want to do This Anymore over Dogs and Fingers among others.

Such an excellent lesser-known progress over the spill-age of freaking Math-Rock riffs, punkish melodies and Milkshake …

A Hairshirt of Purpose: