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Sky Dancer Wish (Bandcamp 2016)

   Siluetless of Klaipeda – Lithuania emerges to the world map probably, because of this band surfacing the near-edgy of the Heavy Metal mainstreaming venue up there within their dark atmosphere of heavy riffs created by the trio of Eugene Golobkin (guitars, vocals, programming), Artur Mamin (bass) and Vainius Cesnauskas (drums) as creepy darken but glowing in powerful harmonic upon Post-Rock progressions on their strange mixture of Death Metal, Progressive Rock and Sci-Fi fantasy and witches brew by the group high techniques among most of the alleged fine quotations on standard force of heavier tunes made in Drifting.
Great vocals to the amazing fixtures for your stereo system to have them there and for your ears if you really are the fanatic fans of Prog-Metal and stuff. Drifting is the kind of album that one wanted to have for them who liking misdemeanor adventures, supernatural and alien cases to the mystical forest and crypto-zoology creatures as the main themes as there written and composed for Child of The Shadows, The Writer’s Farrago, The Legends Never Die or Endless – shall making your moonlights shining more mysterious by Prog-Rock's interpretation meanings.