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Six Pairs Of Feet (Rising Pulse Records 2010)

When she’s not with her group Battle of Mice – she’s just a musician from Brooklyn – NY legally by herself as defunct band leaving Julie Christmas’s menacing childish voice raised as the fact that she whom was born on the Christmas day to go on her own doing the rocking project experimental session here through The Bad Wife.
As not the good season gifted for many women around the globe must be a charity thoughts of ideas on making and writing these songs to work out harder which blending Julie’s likes for Alternative Rock, Hard Rock and murderous Heavy metal experimented musical within those interior of pinkish tarts and creamy stuff giving the rest atmosphere calmness but not that calm as the fear spreading on insecurity comes the July 31st, If You Go Away, Secrets All Men Keep (Salt Bridge, Part II) and damned throws via The Wigmaker’s Widow weeping in metallic seminal and When Everything is Green right after the doomsday wiping out the mankind and left the planet silent by quietness to the growing vast plants like those greenpeace organization wanted all along …

The Bad Wife: