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Sinkhole Disruptors (Strange Addiction Records 2010)

Troy Van Leeuwen already had his ultimate long-term timing on keeping up the rocking career of him within the co-worls and being members for some quite pretty great names in Rock/Metal music scene from A Perfect Circle, QOTSA or Failure and aftermath the decision made to Mr. Van Leeuwen to build his own new group as a move-on steps with this sexy blonde and yummy female vocalist Serrina Sims and other names like Edward Nappi to Norm Block and there you have – Sweethead as a quartet.

Sexier ten times than Debbie Harry with her flaming mystical rocking voice as the band’s music sounded too modern but never fails to wrecking you up for a great sense version off the legacy left behind by Shirley Manson or Garbage. The Los Angeles group perfectly recording their debut album as a Self-Titled record with powerful standard of thirteen songs as the re-releasing version comes out with better front cover. 

Listen to City of Dirt, P.I.G, Amazing Vanishing Conquest, Turned Our Backs and The Sting mostly will giving you a good imaginations about the sounding for Guns N’ Roses reunion or the old formation of Paramore (minus Axl Rose or Hayley Williams) playing more Hard Rock led by a new female singer which perfectly surprising !