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Silvertears (No Fashion 2000)

Nagrinn playing guitar to bass, Nirag the drummer and keyboardist; a female synthesizer player - Hel to Ahldrathan (guitars) and Farnargh (keyboards) and Skrorrgh the lead vocals who growls and screaming for the classic format of Black Metal extremities carried by these deader unit of Malmo (Sweden)as thus melodic and darker symphonies of the malignant themes on desecration, evil lust and darkness lurking hungry for souls and blood of the living – slicing their throat within the destruction sounds by the releasing album debut: Rape in Rapture as greenish haze slowly creeping in down the hills and over the forest searching for the victims of fate and bad lucks; inhabits the possessive spirits of soloing crusher far-side in Heavy Metal Extreme unholy baptized as Misteltein recording those nine epic Black Metal harmonies and double pedals devastation while the growling and the howls induced to intense – blasting the explosive chants and scream-ager via Twilights Sigh, Nevercoming, The Fire in My Eyes, Inquisition of The Bleeding and Hymn of Timeless Being or Dusk Rising meaning the essential wickedness turning to furor brutality as the arming troops of slayers may occurs since the good god that you worship then disappears as villagers vanished …

Rape in Rapture: