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Shadowfax (Charisma 1996)

   Within the composition of musicians held their great performance and being led by Bo Hansson on organ, guitars, moog synthesizer and bass guitar; with Rune Carlsson on drums/congas, Gunnar Bergsten (saxophone) and Sten Bergman (flute) – this formatted recording debut (both in Swedish and English versions) use to be called Sagan Om Ringen or Music Inspired by The Lord of The Rings was and still is a great Prog-Rock blending within Space Rock, Jazzy beats and Psychedelic Electro Music not as thicker as the Krautrock experimental taste would becoming there but more adventurous like the inspiring title vinyl recording with mostly Tolkien’s roots liking by the musicians whose playing those instrumental tracks available to be fit welcomed for the real soundtrack tunes over the epical stories and even the filming series as been done by Bo Hansson project. 
   Amazing strange titles and themes that seems to be came in from the Middle-Earth written traditional music itself are here lies within those choices over Lothlorien, De Dvarta Ryttarna/Flykten Till Vadstallet (The Black Riders & Flight to The Ford), I Skuggornas Rike (Fog on The Barrow-Downs) or Rohans Horn/Slaget Pa Pellenors Slatter (The horns of Rohan & The Battle of Pelennor Fields) right through Drommar I Lakandets Hus (Dreams in The House of Healing) and De Gra Hamnarna (The Grey Havens) both may appearing on cassette or discs includes within the magic atmosphere where wonders of the world in the Middle-Earth raised eternal loving epic sagas between the good and the evil over the ring of knowledge power.

Music Inspired By The Lord of The Rings: