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Sexie Sadie (Greenworld Records 1986)

Before there was a heavy metal group named Sexist that broke after the late of eighty-three era but then from it comes the phoenix of the ashes called Letchen Grey as featuring new line-up then – Robbie Blackmore on drums, Mark Andersen the guitarist, Robert Sykes the vocalist and Ric Asevo playing bass guitar try to ruling the road again with the shades of Deep Purple meets Ronnie James Dio and Saxon-tinged for the releasing of mini album entitled Party Politics that has a very sexy woman in red dress cover for sure at that time and still.

Five tracks and sensual imaginations feeling alright to listen hard and stare closer to the flash meaning beneath the short skirt of that blonde while the band rocking with Playing with Fire, Bring on The Night, Can’t Help It and No Way Out coming crisps as good crunchy glamour Heavy Metal kicks that days. 

A kind of neat Rock band for you – Warrant and Jani Lane lovers.

Party Politics: