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Senor Limpiar (Bandcamp 2017)

Cashing in back as you spend more to finding good tracks within this performance like Weezer did before through the new group from Fairfax, Virginia named Walkabout; as the releasing record of Coyote Beach Club maybe fits for thus waterfront and beached activities within the emotional Pop-Punk and Surf Indie Rock made out of Los Angeles-based themes spreading everywhere within the lyrics and the whole family can bring their favorite stuff from guitar, beers, t-shirt to badminton and don’t forget to add the lists with sun-screen tube – in case.

Great choices of fun Jangle-Rock music and melodies combusting like small blasts of joy coming within We Can’t Go Surfing, A Big American, Take Any Rug in The House to You Smoke Too Many Cigarettes – shall leads the enjoyment started in a very cheering ways as it would be ended carefully gaining more stories to bring back after the burning skins and tiresome conquers your soul too much but the rest of happy feelings stays to guide you home.

Coyote Beach Club: