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Schlutius Kitty (Bandcamp 2017)

   Most enjoyable to watch and listen after the heavy raining or winter blister as the sun coming out again and you need to move yourself to the equilibrium spots outside the borderline within the energetic Garage Punk-Pop and distorted wah-wah fusion from Konstanz, Germany being booked by the duo of non-licensed musicians like The Sound Monkeys: Jonas Pe (guitars/bass/vocals) and Freya Bananenblume (drums/vocals) releasing this record of retarded noise experiments via Snack Lovers Compilation lively full coming by colors and rioter tempos of divided weaken musical ability that might destroying the essence of Rock Music itself soon. 
Screaming out anthems and bludgeon themes over pimples and butt-cheeks itch may becoming a consumptive conjunction as the flat numbered prices merely higher to put on a top hat’s off the charts since you listening onto Birb, Henlo (Dis Is Intro), Hippie Punx, El Boato through So Sick and Goodbye which making the album sounded like Kurt Cobain spare-timing of his guitar measurements in a abandoned recreation room being re-product back for the lost chains of david geffen company purposes.

Snack Lovers Compilation: