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Savannah Port (Jagjaguwar 2007)

   As Tatyana Tolstaya - the Russian writer had inspiring the name taken by the band - Okkervil River; these Texan of Austin remarkably sharing their Indie-Rock Folkish patterns of sounds with the featured members like Will Robinson Sheff on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Meiburg (vocals, keyboards, accordion) to Seth Warren (electronics) or drummer Travis Nelsen as well as the rest of the band continues their career of melting your consciousness within thus torturing vocals to the faded Folk-Pop protests over the global defamations especially, to the youth and the conservatives mind to grow even sinister. No sarcasm quite occurs within their music but wiser lyrics spreading high and wider in such good melodies and standard tempos on some daily, some bigger issues in life.
   The Stage Names is the helping hands for those whom needed a hand to hold the grip to surviving not going crazy facing the problems and these band members also needing hands from their listeners to joining unite and helping each other before saving the world from tearing apart. Unless It’s Kicks, Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe, You Can’t Hold The Hand of a Rock and Roll Man through John Allyn Smith Sails refers to those subjects as objectively, telling facts rather than sweet everlasting broken promises to kept a ride on.

The Stage Names: