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San Sabado (Independent 2015)

   Blistering hardened metallic upon the thoughts for ideas on writing songs and lyrics accompanying them by the Indianapolis group of Heavy Metal Epic or Doomy Metal fast naming themselves Archarus.
   Within Drew Smith on guitar, vocals and Dre the drummer many facts and fictions collected in between the reality and imaginative themes liking by many on duality, wizards, dragons to warriors; went to be exact on the front cover showing how a sorcerer waiting to be close-encountering the sea beast serpent-like not afar of her patiently as Render Unto Archarus must be listenable to the middle decimated volume as you may wanted to hear the essential riff-age, solos and power-grooves coming like thundering double pedals via Under The Tattered Banner, Lizardfish, Fire Blade or Snow Hammer correction the incapable measuring of the rival troops or gigantic beasts to beat down really would be reconsidering as the lost of hope to mankind …

Render Unto Archarus: