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Ruby Hunt (Van 2012)

Fully ranged for covering those the in-between or borderline on Classic Rock, Heavy Metal and darker occult music which spreading awesomeness, mystic and the gigantic measurement of Hard Rock crazed that would slap your freaking face if you trying to critic. 
Beating hearts or smacking the surface as being brainchild of guitarist Thomas Sciarone as well as vocalist Milena Eva – Gold the fantastic Rock band from Rotterdam – The Netherlands; also consisting of drummer Igor Wouters, Tim Meijer (bass guitar), Jaka Bolic and Kamiel Top the guitarists and the duo mastermind Milena and Thomas as a representation of socio-activism and non-conformist criticism about everything around them by recording the first debut and powerful album Interbellum which symbolizing the greedy ego-center of men by the peacock. 

You would definitely loving every single thing that blending inside this Hard Rock/Psychedelic recording from Gold – pretty standard tempo, unique vocals and good formats for rocking via Love The Magician, Gone Under, North, Dreams to One of Us track-lists that shall reminding some of the great mixing between how Black Sabbath finally having a relationship with Shocking Blue just before the wrong prediction of the end of the world.