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Rough Church (Powertool Records 2015)

   Briefing the non-customs commercial free tension forwarded the reactions for this Auckland - New Zealand presentations among the Alternative/Indie-Rock genre society whether it’s Lo-Fi or high electrifying beats to share through your stereo system; V.A Enter The Anti-Claus probably, sounding rebellious and unlimited even though an old person whom looking like the bad-side of Saint Nicholas or Mr. Klaus approved the legal basic background about why on earth this shitty record must be appearing to public market closer to the celebration of Christmas. Before everyone protesting too damn much – please, take a good listening to most of those tracks because they’re not a blistering disturbance like you thought they might become but luckily, some lost songs for the peaceful afternoon and quite cold evening before or after the drunken xmas night would be recorded gently in here. Distorted but groovy; you may finding that most of the local bands there likeThe Doubtful Sounds, Fatal Elf, Factory Kids or Mary won’t exactly, spoiling the show by writing down lyrics to those honest simple music songs like P.J vs The Mouse, Big Boy, Timeshed, Song For The Winter or Satan’s Claw over A Day Like Today and Silent Night sessions.

Good call for not being too overrated and commercial in formats.

V.A Enter The Anti-Claus: