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Rogue Junkyard (Nordic Music Group Studio 2015)

   Let's go painting the town red - running fast and jumps with the highest achievements on their Punk-Celtic and Sailor Pubs N’ Roll music heritage related closely to the influences from Flogging Molly, The Pogues and Dropkick Murphy is your lesser-known off Mikolc, Hungary ‘s six-piece band: Seamus Connelly (drums), Vince Murphy (bass, backing vocals), Joey MacOnkay (electric guitar), Bernie Bellamy (accordion), Sam McKenzie (fiddle, bagpipe, banjo, whistle), Paddy O’Reilly (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) digging the rootsy drinking anthems of the best time rebellion meets the low-life party crasher from all directions; pirating to criminals, gamblers or butchers would love to have this fourth recordings from Paddy and The Rats on their bars and pubs and there’s nothing might stopping the rock-hour performance from being held uptight right through the tracks like Sleeping with The Winter, That’s My Nature, Drunker Than You, Rock This City, Captain of My Soul, My Sharona for the record titled of Lonely Hearts' Boulevard since the gypsy’s of Hungary are also playing their similar roots as this one of traditional locals music and dance as the brewers and the alcohols kept on pouring as Rock, Folk, Metal and Punk knits by the bartenders.

Lonely Hearts' Boulevard: