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Rill Rill (Mom + Pop 2010)


   Indie Rock Chiptune and Noise-Experiments format with Hip-Hop beats via semiotic Dub-Techno Electro music made possible but not too damn simple – can be listening via these duet of Sleigh Bells masterminded Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller doing the vocalizations to the musical instruments with the help from horn sections or solo acts musicians like Eric Biondio, Jacob Wick to Ana Alvarez or Curtis Hasselbring and Demi Colon doing the performance on trombone, saxophone or vocals as the smiling kid or those blue cheerleaders picture won’t stopping us from liking the great album recording by the group.
   Treats might tremendously expanding the weirdy themes, geeky beats and minority reports issues becoming a central figures that excessively and exclusively arousing anyone whose listening to this kinds of crap of the new millennium times infecting the Pop-culture realm and the social media which practically, shall spreading the disease of making a sicker Rock Music scene stretching from the West to the East side permanently. 
   Do you care about that ? or just don’t. there’s much better things to dance for while capturing the awesome tones from Riot Rhythm, Infinity Guitars, Run The Heart and Rachel trying to retakes the Crown on The Ground using Straight A’s might be how an explanation made for this oddity gift.