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Ride With Jeff (Opal Tapes 2017)

Acid Electro that develops the releasing Noise-entrapment via the combustions of Electronic and Acid Techno granted the essential experimental mission from Binary Digital exquisitely, executed the driven Hardrive and recalling vibes from these written and produced recording made by Ben DGT as techno cannot ruling the scene anymore filled out the surroundings with the hidden beauty dramatic 1000mph or dumber smile cheese-ball effects stuff there as the counterpoints of a classic class clashes over the Sci-Fi Electro troops warming the place.

Acid Drop given away its particular sixer tunes like the five minutes and forty eight releasing on Compact 31, another five minutes to forty one seconds off None of This is Helping or even Berriat Acid. So, whether it is greater cause ensemble made the reasonable quite overrated and believed to be overwhelmed to those Techno-Raving connection lovers for having the beast sounds over this album.

Acid Drop: